Thursday, February 13, 2020

BaAka Music and Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

BaAka Music and Culture - Essay Example There also is percussive polyrhythm made by clapping as well as drumming and as they drum, one man sits on the drum, straddling it and the other standing behind him, playing a cross-rhythm with a stick on the side of the drum. In spirit plays involving both sexes, women sing beautifully and dance seductively to the melodies, for everyone to enjoy the euphoria brought about by the spirit. In this technique, voice movement is from the chest to the head and the resultant melody is beautiful. The chest and head voices are also a way of achieving ranging tone colors, from tense to the relaxed form. The dancers taking part in ritual and ceremonial dances are initiated skilled dancers and all members of the BaAka culture are expected to undergo the cultures' initiation; so that the various values and traditions of the land are passed down to them. As the individual is born into this culture, musical skills are inculcated into them and participation of every member is expected. The tradition of the BaAka people is orally transmitted, and the elderly members of the culture have all the information on the origins and writers of various songs. Older people also have the responsibility to teach the young ones in the region as well as members from other regions. Most of the instruments used by the BaAka people are ones borrowed from the Bantus. Depending on the melody and kind of event taking place, this culture uses instruments like drums, including water drums, flutes, a musical bow that is played by women only.

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